I have this friend, her parents have been divorced for a little over a year and her mom is finally ready to jump back into the dating scene. A normal occurrence right? Recently her mom started going on a few dates and has been very secretive about exactly who she’s been seeing. We both just figured mom just wasn’t trying to have us in her business so we didn’t push. Then one night, as we drove past a park, who did we see sitting on the bench with her tongue down the throat of a man young enough to be her son….mom dukes! High five time for the cougar move right? Wrong! Because as soon as the lip lock ended and the faces separated all holy hell broke loose…the man she was kissing was her daughter’s high school friend!

When I tell you my girl looked like Martin when he found out Tommy and Pam were dating, it was a disaster. She pulled that car over (across traffic mind you) and proceeded to go off like her mom was the daughter and just broke curfew. Understandably mom put my friend in her place and went about her business, but later on when cooler heads prevailed and they could talk in private, the conversation didn’t go any better. Now I don’t approve of going off on your mother, especially if you want to live. But, I mean, this guy is 20+ years the mother’s junior, she used to babysit him for goodness sake, and he is her daughter’s friend. Are there no boundaries?

If one of my parents wanted to date someone younger, go ahead…do your thing. But date one of my friends? Negative. I don’t want someone that I take shots with and that knows all my dirty little secrets playing mommy or daddy to me. Something is just off about that. I would want my parent to be happy, but they would have to find that happiness outside of my circle of friends. Really, what are we supposed to talk about after you’ve tried to go half on a baby with my mother or father?! It sounds immature, but I definitely side with my friend on this issue. With all the available men and women out there, there has to be someone else for her divorcee mom to date. How would she feel if the shoe were on the other foot?

What would you do if your parent dated one of your friends?

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