Over the past few weeks there’s been quite a lot of talk around here about the differences (and similarities) between black folks throughout the Diaspora. While many have taken it upon themselves to highlight the differences in our counties of origin and cultures, others have found common ground.

As a black woman from the U.S., I realize that I’m ignorant about some of ways my sistas from around the globe live, work, and operate, but as someone who loves her people, I’m always willing (and wanting) to learn more.

Last year I wrote an article shouting out sistas from around the globe, from Africa to Europe, to South America and right here at home. Many women chimed in to shout out their country, block, culture, and for a moment, it was so beautiful. I wanted to bottle up that closeness and sprinkle it throughout the comments sections of our more, shall I say, contentious articles when things got heated.

But I’m here to re-up a little bit of positivity and sunshine, Clutchettes, and as we get ready to make even more changes here at Clutch to improve our site and hopefully continue to bring you all the content you love and want, I wanted to hear what makes you and your corner of the world so dope.

So tell me, Clutchettes…

Where are you from and what do you want us to know about your city/culture/piece of the world? What makes it & you SO fab?

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  • Robbie

    As I have said many times on Clutch I am French. I am black and representing the country of France. My beloved land and those of my ancestors outside of Africa that I cherish despite all of its imperfection. There were a couple of articles on the black French diaspora but at the end of the day, my country, my culture will always be a part of me. I may not understand the culture of other black people in the diaspora but I still love my people.

  • I am BLACK. …. An island girl representing the Caribbean, my island home is ST.LUCIA. I left in 1996 to go to university in Miami. I got married, moved to Vermont lived there for 5 years. I later had my daughter. Then we moved to Virginia, been here for the last 3 years, … and I recently had my almost 5 month old son.

    I will admit that sites like yours make me see how much we actually have in common!