Over the past few weeks there’s been quite a lot of talk around here about the differences (and similarities) between black folks throughout the Diaspora. While many have taken it upon themselves to highlight the differences in our counties of origin and cultures, others have found common ground.

As a black woman from the U.S., I realize that I’m ignorant about some of ways my sistas from around the globe live, work, and operate, but as someone who loves her people, I’m always willing (and wanting) to learn more.

Last year I wrote an article shouting out sistas from around the globe, from Africa to Europe, to South America and right here at home. Many women chimed in to shout out their country, block, culture, and for a moment, it was so beautiful. I wanted to bottle up that closeness and sprinkle it throughout the comments sections of our more, shall I say, contentious articles when things got heated.

But I’m here to re-up a little bit of positivity and sunshine, Clutchettes, and as we get ready to make even more changes here at Clutch to improve our site and hopefully continue to bring you all the content you love and want, I wanted to hear what makes you and your corner of the world so dope.

So tell me, Clutchettes…

Where are you from and what do you want us to know about your city/culture/piece of the world? What makes it & you SO fab?

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  • Dreaming

    I’m from Baltimore. I wouldn’t consider Baltimore City as my city. I haven’t lived in Baltimore City for 17 years. Whatever you saw on TV about Baltimore is true, except what doesn’t get shown are the good neighborhoods that are in between the bad. Um, I would say there is nothing fabulous about Baltimore. As far as me, well, I don’t know what makes me fabulous.

    • Dreaming

      I’m not from anywhere special. :(

    • Mwendwa

      You are special…being from Baltimore is also a special part of the tapestry of your origin

    • I thought about what you wrote most of the day, that nothing is special about where you are from. Dig into your family history and find out who you are and where you came from. Discover the milestones in your family life. Do something to make Baltimore special. Do soemthing that leaves its stamp on Baltimore and on your family.

    • Dreaming

      Char – That will be tough.

  • I’m a Somali living in the UK and even though I wasn’t born and raised there, I feel that my culture runs deep through my veins. I love my Somali food (check out this AMAZING blog on Somali cuisine http://www.xawaash.com), music, clothing (hido iyo daqan, diracs and macawiis!), the dancing (niiko, daanto, buraanbur etc) and my beautiful history.

    Somalia may not be at its best now but, if you just check out what Somalia used to be like, then you’ll be taken back with its beauty. With the war, our women have become stronger and they’re the backbone of our society. My mother is the backbone of my house and she’s imparted a lot of wisdom and that’s what makes me fab; my strong, beautiful, Somali mother!

    • I LOVE it! I have a special place in my heart for Somalians. My very first “real” boyfriend was Somalian lol. Thanks for sharing Hafsa!


  • I’m a Tanzanian living in Los Angeles and I want my other brothers and sisters to know how beautiful my country is. The people are so warm and friendly. Dar-es-Salaam has become a fave spot for tourists because of the coastal vibe and vibrant nightlife. I urge all of you to visit at any point in your life. You won’t regret it.

    • arlette

      omg do you speak swahili coz i am obsessed with the language, i think its the most beautiful african laguage and the easiest to learn. my parents know swahili and they lived in tanzania for a bit.

  • Anon

    Being an American.

  • gigi

    I am from Haiti. My people are beautiful, very deep in their belief system, resilient and will do anything in their power to further their children’s education.

    • Ayiti! Woop woop!

    • Alexandra

      Haitian resilience is something, yeah? Whatever it is, its deeply embedded in the culture and is keeping Haiti together.

      Ayisyen ap toujou kenbe la!

    • :L’union fait la force!!

    • Je n’ai pas haitienne (comment veut dire “haitian” en Francais?) mais j’adore la langue! Je parle Francais un peu!

    • Dreaming

      Je ne parle aucune langue étrangère, alors j’ai utilisé Google Translate pour comprendre ce que vous êtes tous dit.

    • @ dreaming, mort de rire

    • QueenOfCastle

      Didn know there were so many fellow Haitains on Clutch. :)