Halle Berry and Keri Hilson have been rocking new looks lately, seemingly from the same stylist. Keri’s a bit of a chameleon so we don’t know how long this style will last on her but since she’s following in the footsteps of Ms. Berry whose been seen with this ‘do for at least a couple of months now, we’re wondering, is this the hot mane to have for the summer?

Both ladies have about the same chin-length, bowl-style curly cut with square bangs to match. Keri’s rocking her typical blonde strands while Halle opted for her natural brown hue and both coifs are straddling the middle road of being wavy and wild yet still contained. We could just be missing the pixie cut that Halle has fabulously perfected over the years and the sleek bobs and short cuts we’re used to seeing Keri with but we can’t make up our minds on whether we love these ladies new looks or we want them to go back to their old style so we figured we’d ask you.

Are you feeling Halle and Keri’s faux curly fros?

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