We could take this trend back to the Biggie “Hypnotize” days with him on a yacht beside Puff in one of these silk shirts but the truth is Versace is experiencing a revival in hip-hop fashion and we’re not sure how we feel about it. When you hear Versace, you think luxury, high-end, exclusivity—pimp. The patterns on Versace wear are always bordeline Bishop Don Juan/mafia-ish, depending on who is wearing it.

We see Cassie or Beyonce in a classic¬†Venetian print silk shirt and we fall in love. We see Drake rocking a blue shirt with a gold chain and peach glasses and we think no-go. We see rapper Tyga and his stripper girlfriend Blac Chyna out in matching Versace shirts and we think why, fashion lord why?! It’s almost like the way Christian Louboutin’s have simply become “red bottoms” to so many. They’ve lost their exclusivity because any and everybody is wearing it—and that’s the first sign that a trend needs to die out.

We’re sure another “look” will take over soon and we won’t have to see this gaudy print so much so that we can fall back in love with it again. Until then, we remain undecided about whether it’s fresh or a mess. What about you?

Are you a fan of Versace shirts?


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  • Jasmine

    When I see guys in those shirts I feel like they are suppose to come with chest hair and cigars lmao. But anyway on girls I think they can be really nice like Cassie’s pic.

  • binks

    Nope, plus i see shirts like that in the thift store so why people pay this big $$$ for these shirts is beyond me.

  • chanel

    Versace is one of the most tacky luxury brands “luxury brands “. This shirt screams cheap.

  • PeppyChick

    Versace shirts are soo gaudy that paired in the right way it can be shockingly chic! I am a fan of the revival of the Versace shirt.