Ah yes, ladies it is that time of year again. No season puts a smile on men’s faces like the summer because of one thing: booty shorts. This summer wardrobe staple makes this season better than Christmas for the male species but for women who don’t get into all of that, this is the time of year where you’re bound to exchange a few side-eyes and “uh uh girls” with complete strangers as you encounter women in jean cutoffs and what we’ll call booty cleavage, without an ounce of shame.

There’s generally two categories booty shorts fall into around this time of year. There’s either the cutoffs that are just long enough that you might be able to sneak a cheak peak if the woman bends over or walks up a flight of stairs. And then there are the shorts that already leave a sizeable portion of the cheek out as soon as they go on, putting them in the NC-17 category.

Just like the two styles of shorts, there are usually two reactions from the ladies (we already know how men feel about it). Some women feel like hey, if you got it flaunt it—and those are usually the ones flaunting it. Others think these women are doing too much and need to keep the cheeks covered when out in public.

There are also a few caveats to these reactions because let’s be honest, all booties and thighs are not created equal and depending on how well—or not—those shorts are fitting depends a lot on whether people give you a pass or not. When a woman’s assets are toned, she’ll still get some negative reactions but probably also an equal amount of admiration because, well, she’s got it and she’s flaunting it—even if we still think it’s socially inappropriate. And then there are the ladies with a lot more bumps and curves then we care to know about who are oblivious to the dips and thighs and don’t think twice about squeezing into those short shorts. Their side-eye quotient is dramatically increased. I’d also like to point out the women I’ve seen from parking lot to family picnic holding their child’s hand with their goodies hanging all out the back—that’s one look that’s never good.

We’re not playing fashion police on this one though, we just wanna know how you approach short shorts in the summer—and what you think about your fellow femme fatales.

Are you one of those ladies who lets it all hang out in the summer or do you prefer to leave a little cheek to the imagination?


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