I know it’s bad but the one thing I can’t help but think about throughout Usher and Tameka’s ugly custody battle is, “he should’ve listened to his mama.”

Things have been bad between these two for a while and some of the allegations they’ve pegged against one another to prove their the more suitable parent are laughable, but after seeing Usher break down on the stand after hours of questioning during the trial yesterday, the emotional toll the whole situation is taking on him is a bit heartbreaking.

It’s doubtful Usher is totally innocent in this saga but in contrast to questions about Tameka’s parenting ability which have mostly been brought up through testimony from nannies, Usher has had to contend with terrible allegations straight from his ex-wife’s mouth. Last week she claimed he slept with two of her bridesmaids, which forced him to storm out of the courtroom. This week, her lawyer is claiming Usher would rather hang out and party than be a father and is also alleging he could have a drug problem. The questions were too much for him and he became noticeably upset after forcing back a few tears on the stand, but I feel those tears are less about what the lawyer was accusing him of and more about how he got into that situation in the first place.

If you think back to 2007 when Usher proposed to Tameka, nobody was a fan of her and when I say nobody, I mean nobody. Usher strongly defended his future wife to the public on TRL but in his personal life he also chose Tameka over his own mother who warned him not to marry his stylist. Usher being a mama’s boy, you could take her objection as fear that some other woman was taking her son away but when we look at the way his name and reputation has been drug through the mud since meeting this woman, all I can think is “mama knows.”

There’s a reason it’s good to bring future spouses around your parents before you get too serious. It’s not just for a customary stamp of approval, sometimes and often times the people who love us most can pick up on when someone is no good for us. Usher may not have been any good for Tameka either and although I’m sure he’s happy to have his sons, the singer has always been clear about not wanting to be the type of father he had, and this nasty battle shows he’s getting closer and closer to being that man. Usher’s had a new girlfriend for a while now since his divorce and I hope he pays attention to what his mother thinks about this new woman before taking anything to the next level. There’s been a lot of talk about gaydar in the news lately but sometimes we need our mothers to shed a little light with their no-good-dar to make sure we don’t walk down the aisle with the wrong person and end up in messy battles like this only a few years later.

Do you listen to you mother’s opinions when it comes to dating?

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  • Jinx Moneypenny

    I didn’t once, when I should have. But I learned, and learned real good. Some ugly things took place and eventually I detached myself from the situation completely and never looked back.

    Boy was she right.

  • Dalili

    Yes, I listen to my Mum. Intently. Always.

    On the other hand, I’ve never quite understood acrimonious child custody battles; at least where abuse, child endangerment or unfortunate one night stand situations don’t factor. I find it crazy that two people once committed to each enough to bring children into this world can’t stand each other long enough to do what’s best for said children. It’s madness really! I mean to a point where courts and mediators have to intervene?! I understand most marriages don’t end on a good note, but it seems to me the adults involved should be mature enough to put their differences aside for the sake of the well being of their children. Let the parents who’d like an active role in their children’s life have that opportunity.

  • Sometimes the best lessons are the ones you learn the hard way.

  • wlk

    Usher took advice from his penis instead of his mother! I don’t feel sorry for him and that’s that. He married a women who had several children by other men and his stupid butt fell in love. Now that he having to pay big bucks for child support, he supporting the white culture by recording music that pleases them. Check him out on the MTV Awards.

  • Nigerian sista

    I really do try to listen to my mother is cases where i know it will make a big impact on my life, but sometimes you just have to make your own decision. Life is about choices and you have to live with the choices you make. If you’ve made a mistake , learn from it and move on. I’m sure Usher wont rush into marriage again. I do feel sorry for him though. He is not the first person to marry the wrong person nor will he be the last. I just hope that they don’t take his kids away . Its sad.