If you’re working with a little more than what fits into most store’s straight sizes, but you’re toned enough that you can still rock body-con dresses without a problem, Ekineyo’s new XL line might be your new best friend.

We’ve long been a fan of this trendy, colorful line and now they’ve added a plus-one to their collection so to speak with a new XL line for fuller—although not full—figured ladies. The size 13/14 line mostly features fringed mini dresses and fitted mini skirts made of nylon and spandex so you have to be ready to let it all hang out before you step out in one of these designs. Since you often need a little more give with these types of fabrics, it’s good Ekineyo went up a size to help curvier ladies get their body con on too. Judging from the types of styles this designer is known for, we wouldn’t expect a full-on plus-size line any time soon but this is a step in the right direction. Check out some of our favs from the XL collection.

What do you think about this line?

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  • chanela

    um okay but guess what? everybody who is “plus sized” aren’t like the woman in this picture. she has NOT ONE roll on her back. she looks just like the regular models (absolutely perfect body) just slightly wider. they always do that when they have plus sized women. they’re a bit bigger than the “regular” models, but they don’t look like most “bigger” girls. i can’t explain it so ill leave it at that. whatever.

  • Heather

    I like it! I struggle to find clothes to fit my top half that do not look frumpy. I am 5 foot 2, a size 6-8 on the bottom and 14-16 on top, I am glad that more designers are acknowledging that you can be shapely and in shape at the same time!

  • Dion

    Black women need to stop celebrating being overweight and obese and start eating a healthy diet and exercising. I am a Black women who is a size 6, exercises and consumes a healthy vegetarian diet. We are killing ourselves with diabetes, heart disease and hypertension just to have a big behind and “curves”. Wake up, Sistahs!