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  • Leonie UK

    Arise is great, happy to have a print version instead of online.

  • Mazuba kapambwe

    Arise magazine Fashion week happens annually in Africa? So Africa is a country now? Smh. Please do more research. It happens in Lagos, Nigeria.

  • SisterA

    @Mazuba, Nigeria is in Africa, idiot! Some african people get on my nerves.

  • beautyFULL

    @sisterA,Mazuba just meant that its like saying Fashion Week happens in the United States of America instead of just saying New York.No need to get your knickers in a knot.

  • Mazuba kapambwe

    @ sister A, there’s no need to call me and idiot. I made that comment because there are tons of fashion weeks in different African countries ie Hub of Ethiopia in Ethiopia and even Nigeria has two or three fashion weeks. Please refer to this article for more education on various fashion weeks http://heritage1960.com/blogs/inspire/5221592-africas-fashion-capitals