Indianapolis teen Darnell “Dynasty” Young recently garnered headlines after he was expelled for bringing a stun gun to school to protect himself against bullies. Earlier this month, Young told CNN that he felt like he had no choice because several students were threatening to attack him for being gay.

After Young’s mother’s attempts to get her son’s school to take his bullying claims seriously failed, she said she gave him the stun gun because she didn’t know how else to protect her child. And judging by this latest incident, her worries may have been valid.

Last week, local police allege a man who saw the teen on the news attacked Young in a local mall.

The Indiana Star reports:

An openly gay Indianapolis teen who brought a stun gun to school to ward off bullies was attacked Friday night at the food court in Circle Centre mall.

The teen’s alleged attacker, Khyran R. Delay, 34, has been charged with battery.

According to court documents, Delay told mall security officers that he recognized 17-year-old Darnell “Dynasty” Young from news coverage of his story and tried to talk to Young about it. He said Young got in his face and that he pushed Young. 

But Young and Donald Richardson, a janitor who witnessed the incident, told police that when Young walked past Delay’s table in the food court, Delay told Young to get away from him and used homophobic slurs. They said that Delay pushed Young and then hit him in the face, according to court documents. Richardson said he radioed for mall security, and then Delay came toward him because he was mad that Richardson had called security. Security officers arrived and detained Delay.

Young’s attacker was arrested and charged with one count of misdemeanor battery.

The incident hasn’t stopped Young from speaking out on behalf of bullied teens. Yesterday, his supporters held a rally on his behalf and Young said that be wanted to serve as an example of young people who have gone through the same thing.

“We’re not just fighting for me,” he said. “We’re fighting for other children that lost their lives. We’re fighting for people that’s going through stuff that I’m going through.”


*Photo via WISHTV

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