Back in ’94 I hadn’t been on the earth a decade, but was singing Brownstone’s “If You Love Me,” like a grown ass woman. Just like with every song sang by a group of women, my sister, my cousin, and I would choose a part to sing. “I don’t want to rain on this parade/ but I’m starting to question the love that was made/ I’m not looking for just an affair/ I want a love that is based on truth, not just dare.” What? I’m sure the adults were laughing at us. Thinking about it now, we always kinda mumbled the words and focused on sounding like we could do the harmonies on that track.

The jam came on the radio yesterday and I was blown. I’ve heard the song post childhood, but listening to the song as a twenty-something is completely different. Was this song not the soundtrack to a number for college relationships? Wouldn’t this song have been great to play in the background during a slew of “Think Like A Man” induced happy hour conversations? My goodness. I turned the volume up and jammed, laughing about how I should hit the homies with a Youtube link. We had no clue what we were talking about back then, but this song makes a hell of a lot of sense now.

Are there any songs that you loved when you were younger, but really understand or connect to now that you’re grown?

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