Halle Berry’s been a beauty icon ever since she made her acting debut, and at 45 absolutely nothing has changed since her Jungle Fever days.

Halle’s been the face of Revlon’s ColorStay line since 1996 and she was recently in NYC to discuss the collection’s latest addition, the new ColorStay Whipped Crème Makeup. While there, Elle magazine picked her brain about her beauty routine and asked why she decided to grow her hair out, but Halle said she just decided to switch up her hair for a new temporary look with extensions. She told the mag:

“I love short hair—that’s me, that’s who I am.”

“I just feel confident and feel like my best self when I have short hair. But it’s fun to change sometimes,” she added. “I get a little bored and, as a woman, I want to change my shoes, my outfit, and my hair. And thanks to extensions, it’s easy to do. The trick is that you have to get hair that looks like it’s actually growing out of your head—it has to be the same texture as your natural hair. My hair is naturally curly like this, so you’re not able to see where the extensions begin. My hairstylist, Sheila Stotts, did a great job.”

Being such a symbol of beauty, Elle was curious who Halle looks too for inspiration for herself, and the actress pointed to two classic women.

“When I think of beauty icons, I think of women that are successful and strong and, because of those attributes, they are beautiful. I think about people like Tina Turner, who is gorgeous. I also think about Audrey Hepburn—she was beautiful and as she got older, she embraced aging and didn’t do things to disfigure her face and look like somebody else.” She added:

“Beauty is about daring to grow old gracefully, having an inner confidence, and embracing yourself at every stage of your life. That’s what I find beautiful, and I hope I’ll be that way.”

We’re pretty sure she will—she’s already halfway there.

Do any of you feel like your best self with short hair?

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