Solange is a hair chameleon. One day she’s rocking her teeny weeny afro, the next she has a head full of natural curls a la weave. Either way, we love how she reps for natural hair texture, whether the tresses are actually from her own head or not, but when it comes to her being the face of Carol’s Daughter’s transitioning movement, her obvious head of weave is making us go hmmm.

To be fair, Solange is hardly the first spokesmodel to promote a product without her real hair. Most models probably don’t even use the products they’re advertising. However, when the point of the campaign is natural hair, and more specifically transitioning natural hair, we don’t quite understand the hairstyle featured here. Since Solange already did the big chop at least a year ago, she couldn’t genuinely rep the movement anyway but we’re thinking the styles we see Bey’s little sister rocking on a casual day in Brooklyn or while on vacay in Paris, and even in some fashion spreads would be a better fit for this campaign than what Carol’s Daughter chose. Maybe as the movement kicks off and more promos hit the public, the hair care line will chose looks natural transitioners can really relate to because so far this isn’t one of them.

Do you think Solange represents natural transitioning in this campaign?

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  • oepir

    The weave even looks stupid on her!

  • Bunny

    I don’t really get how she’s still transitioning when she did the Big Chop like…3 years ago. Even then she showed up in the media wearing some Marley Braid type afro look soon after. I’m natural too, but me personally…once you’ve cut off the relaxer , the transitioning period is over. You’re natural now. Transitioning *before* you cut off the perm–that makes sense.

    If she’s growing it out, now that’s another thing entirely. But transitioning? Naaaah.

  • Lucky

    How the heck can you transition after you had your big chop over a year ago? Solo is fully natural.

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