We women are a forgiving people. We have the ability to look past a person’s scruffy exterior to see their potential, and sometimes we’ll even help them polish up the rough edges so they come out looking fresh and clean.

When Biggie wooed Faith Evans (and Lil Kim and Charli Baltimore), many wondered how he did it. The self-proclaimed “fat and ugly as ever” dude seemed to luck up on a beauty who genuinely loved him. But after hearing Big’s friends talk about his charm, sense of humor, and swag–I got it. There is more to attraction than just looks.

But some men—with all of their apparent faults, troubled histories, and general unattractiveness (inside and/or out)—continue to romance women, and I don’t know about you, but I just don’t get it.

So, who’s on my list?

Rohan Marley

It must be the Marley mojo, but Rohan stays pulling women who, in my mind, should be running for Jamaica’s Blue Mountains. Never mind he either left or cheated on his first wife with Lauryn Hill, but the former college football star proceeded to have five children with the star and never felt the need to put a ring on it. While I’m not judging the couple’s marital status (hey, marriage ain’t for everyone), his relationship history would give me pause if I were a woman. But clearly that isn’t the case. Rohan and his model girlfriend Isabeli Fontana recently got engaged and will be tying the knot in Ethiopia because, as Fontana put it, “Rohan told me that we must return to their origins so that the marriage will last forever.” Hmmm….good luck with that.

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  • The women are just as ratchety as the men, matches made in heaven.

    • S.M.M

      LOL, I was thinking the exact same thing!

  • mamareese

    Um M-O-N-E-Y all day…. all 3 of these fools will not spend all of it in their life time. Also, Lauren should have required marriage before dropping all 15 of them kids for him. Better yet….he should have respected Ms Hill enough to wife her up in the 1st place…….

    • Simone L

      THANK YOU!! when they had that last kid and I commented on here they shoulda been married, commenters lambasted me for recommending they should have made it official. Now he’s walked away. Nothing. He can just walk away. That’s some ish right there.

  • iQgraphics


  • Huh?! I’m really scratching my head about this article…Everybody knows that if a man has 1) $MONEY$ &lots of it, you can have 99 problems but …..well you know the end of that sentence. & the fact that all these guys are celebrities make any flaw invisible to a women seeking security & all of the above mentioned a$$ets so…….