iStock_000001882270XSmallAre you one of those people who can’t walk by a mirror—or anything that you can see your reflection in—without looking? If so, you’re not unlike most women who check themselves out an average eight times per day. What is funny is that most of us don’t even have to be around a mirror to try to catch a glimpse. A new survey found that women will gladly use someone else’s sunglasses, storefronts, smartphone screens, and car windows just to sneak a peak.

The study, carried out by Simple Skincare, suggests looking in the mirror so much may not actually indicate vanity, which is the popular theory, but actually insecurity Despite the findings that 10 percent of ladies admitted they can’t walk past a car without bending to check their hair and make-up in the glass, and another 10 percent saying they check a compact mirror at least ten times in a single working day (with half claiming they wouldn’t leave the house without one), three quarters of women hate looking in the mirror altogether and 39 percent said checking their reflection affects their confidence.

“There is so much more attention on how women look compared with how men look, and women who constantly check their appearance are more likely to be self-conscious than vain,” Dr. Christine Bundy, a Senior Lecturer in Health and Medical Psychology at the University of Manchester, said.

Of the 2,000 women polled, about one in ten ladies touch up their make-up at least three times a day while one in five re-do their hair more than four times every day. Though that may seem a bit excessive, touch-ups may just be an extension of women’s natural desire to put their best foot forward, Dr. Bundy said. “Many women have busy lives where they are constantly on the go and want to look their best so giving themselves a quick glimpse when they get the chance is only natural.

“If you have a job where you need to look presentable and well groomed then it’s important to check your appearance to boost your confidence, but remember, it’s how you present yourself overall, not just how you look that matters.”

Great advice.

How many times a day do you check yourself in the mirror?

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