Whether you call it a catsuit, jumpsuit, pantsuit, or a onesie for women, the violations against this trendy wardrobe piece are as numerous as the names for it. Any time two singers from different decades step out on the same stage in nearly the same outfit and mess it up, you know there’s some misinformation going around about how to rock this piece and we’re here to clear it up.We’re not trying to stop you from getting your Fanny or Chaka on, we just figure in case you don’t have people, as they obviously don’t, we’ll be your people for you and give you a few tips and realities about donning a catsuit in public.

You may need to go up a size…

Most people want their jumpsuits to fit like a glove but if that’s so you have to be realistic about what’s going on with that hand—slash your body. Most pantsuits already have a fitting quality to them so you don’t need to purposely buy a smaller size so it fits tight. Be more concerned about the fit than the size. You want to be able to breathe and look like you can.

Shapewear, shapewear, shapewear…

Catsuits are body-con dresses with legs. You’re going to want to smooth your silhouette to create the hourglass figure that fills this style out best. You know how much smoothing and pulling in you need, so choose a sculpting undergarment wisely so that the jumpsuit will glide over your frame with ease.

Keep it simple…

Pantsuits already make statements because they’re not frequently worn. That means it’s not necessary to go overboard with bedazzling, sequins, mesh panels, see-through thighs, etc. Jumpsuits are tricky pieces to pull off well and monotone, sophisticated styles go a long way on the fabulous style meter. A catsuit with too much going on just looks gaudy and over the top.

Blazers are your friend…

Along those same lines, take advantage of other accessories to get in on the catsuit trend as best you can. Blazers help you feel less exposed and they add more structure to your look by masking some of the clingy, body-baring fabrics used for rompers these days. It also makes your look a little more versatile. Instead of a tube dress-like pantsuit that you can only wear for an evening event, adding a jacket makes this look OK for the office, networking, a date, and virtually anything.

There will be camel toe…

This is just one of those things you have to accept about braving it out in a  catsuit. The fit of most one-pieces cuts right where you want the least attention but this can drastically be reduced by buying a pantsuit in your actual size (tip 1) and using shapewear to prevent this faux pas (tip 2). Camel toes usually happen to the best of us at some point but just because you took a chance on a panstsuit doesn’t mean you don’t get a pass.

Do you do catsuits/jumpsuits?

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  • LadyT

    Oh My—–>Did Fanny’s catsuit rip on the side? She looks really really bloweded or was she prego in this pic. Anyway, I am not a fan of this type of suit at ALL …….> too self conscious. Chaka on the other hand I think looks ok.

  • chanela

    sooooo nobody is gonna mention chaka’s boobs? lol