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  • Ouch.

    Love Jill, hate this look.

    Not, golden.


  • Cash

    Ugh, my sweet Jilly from Philly whyyyy?? It’s been a long time since she’s had a fail like this. This can’t happen often, Jill! Maybe this was her “Gettin In the Way” outfit..

  • Veronica

    I dont think it is very figure flattering on her , the jeans are more for a teen, she is beautiful the outfit isnt her.

  • Takeria

    Hello! I don’t think any of u are in a position to go IN….on my girl Jill! She is in a character for each song…and I like….matter fact…I love it! I claim to be different! So for all the ordinary people wearing blazers and ripped boyfriend jeans……..go to hell! Get ur own idenity and stop wearing wut u see hanging up in store. Luv u much Jill