Hide yo’ boyfriends, hide yo’ husbands! The sultry women of ‘Single Ladies’ are back and ready to bring the heat…and the drama! Stacey Dash may be out, but that’s not keeping LisaRaye McCoy (Keisha), Charity Shea (April) and new comer Denise Vasi (Raquel) from soldiering on in their quest for love, happiness and lots of hot sex.

This season we can expect the usual fire and desire from the ladies, with some cool cameos from familiar celeb faces like Queen Latifah, LaLa Anthony, Chilli, T.I. and more. Can’t wait for the VH1 premiere on May 28th? Check out the supertrailer below for a sneak peek of what season two of ‘Single Ladies’ has in store.


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  • Questknowledge

    It seems as if though no one wants to take a gamble on a beautiful dark skin sista! Not even a black woman herself. I’m sure if you asked Queen Latifah why? She’ll probably say something on the lines of this “We chose the best woman for the part”.

  • C

    Interesting that the white girl had the most variety in her male partners but the Black female characters do not have as much variety. Black women like all men and are having relationships and married to a variety of men but thats not reflected in the trailer. I wont be watching.

  • I hate to admit how much I love this show. When Jai referenced it in Misadventures of ABG, I was floored! There is just something about this show that draws me to it, and I don’t know WHAT that “something” is.

    These women can’t act to save their lives, the script is awful, the premise is ridiculous… but it’s the characters’ storylines that really stand out to me. They are kinda 3-dimensional, which is weird in a mediocre show like this.

    I dunno… I usually hate phrases like “guilty pleasure” because I don’t feel guilty about things I take pleasure in, but if I did, this would be one of them.


  • RenJennM

    I personally like this show. I’m going to miss seeing Staci’s drop-dead gorgeous face, but the 2nd season still looks pretty entertaining. I have to admit, I’m excited to see all of the different cameos. Should be a fun summer season :)