Despite the overwhelming number of places folks can score birth control, apparently 33-year-old Desmond Hatchet never heard of prophylactics. The Tennessee man made news, again, when he took to the airwaves begging for a handout to help him take care of his 30 children—four of whom were born in the same year.

I am hoping against hope that Hatchet is playing us all, but I don’t know any sane person who’d get on TV and admit to being a serial impregnator with a minimum wage job. So much for that welfare queen myth, Hatchett is a real-life Lothario indiscriminately sowing his oats to the nearest woman. But the state ain’t having it.

After being dragged into court 11 times and spending some time in jail for not making his child support payments back in 2009 (when he had 21 kids), Hatchett is apparently still at it, adding 9 more children to bring his total to 30.

Back in 2009 Tennessee’s WVLT reported:

On Friday, his name appeared on the docket 11 times; Representing about 15 of his 21 children.

“Can you keep up with it all?” WVLT asked Hatchett.

“Yeah,” he said.

“You know all their names, and ages and birthdays?”


Hatchett’s name is pretty controversial at the old courthouse.

“The children can’t be supported all by Desmond, so the state of Tennessee has had to step in,” Hatchett’s attorney Keith Pope said. 

It’s your tax dollars at work.

WVLT spoke with one mom who has two children with Hatchett.

She is supposed to get $67.50 a month. But many times, she gets a lot less than what she’s owed.

They all do.

“It’ll make it through half the month,” the unidentified mom said.

She told Volunteer TV, Hatchett is the father of her two sons. And she says her 4-year-old is expensive enough on his own. “He’s a heavy milk drinker. And milk is not cheap,” she said.

“It’s frustrating, but usually, when I ask he give it to me,” she continued.

For what it’s worth, Hatchett says he’s done having kids (then again, he said the same thing three years ago)—his current clan ranges from toddler to tweens. And despite his claim that he knows all of them, I doubt all of his children feel like they have a present father in their lives.

Although extreme, Hatchett and men like him serve as a reminder for women to be more discerning about who they sleep with and to always, always, pack their own birth control.

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  • Angie

    I’m sure several of the women knew or knew of each other and didn’t care that he had a bunch a children with the last chic. This is ignorance and ghetto mentality at its finest. Truly, truly sad…..

  • If society was perfect then we could blame the father and mothers. However there is real hopelessness in poor black areas. Fact. Most women if not all would pay
    money to have a child. If the only gauranteed thing you can do to be a successful adult is have a child, you will do it. Especially if you can get welfare and Medicaid. If a woman can get paid to have a child she will do it. It kills me when folks ask why black athletes have so many kids. Duh! Reactionary and insecure people need others to look down on and point fingers. It is a commentary on society that anyone has to have a child to alleviate hopelessness or even abuse.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    can the court order vasectomy?

  • RJ

    Black men and women need to strap on a effing condom. I am sick of these stories. And although this represents an extreme, this is more common than it should be. All of these irresponsible black women and men (because both parties play a role in this tomfoolery) are raising a bunch of kids who will probably contribute VERY LITTLE TO SOCIETY. This is the kind of stuff black folks need to be more up in arms about. If you are going to be quoting Bible scriptures, this is the time to pull them out.

  • Pointing fingers. No empathy for the oppressed. That is so Tom.

    • d-rhyme Pointing fingers. No empathy for the oppressed. That is so Tom.

      What was does his being oppressed have to do with making 30 children?