Most nights I sleep with my phone on my nightstand. Other nights it’s in the bed with me. I reason that if there is an emergency, people should be able to reach me whenever they need me. There haven’t been many instances where someone has needed me to play Wonder Woman at an odd hour, but it has happened. Thus, my phone will stay charged and within arms reach.

But at some point I realized that the phone was more about being able to send an email whenever a thought hit me. It’s so close because it is extremely hard for me to unplug. I also noticed that whenever I do manage to unplug, my levels of stress and anxiety are dramatically lower. I went without internet for close to two days and it was amazing. The goal was three, but the first day was full of checking my Twitter and Google Reader for news. I was so nervous about missing something, anything. Eventually, I just let the idea of missing something miss me. When I logged in days later, I was happy to find out that I hadn’t missed much of anything and life had gone perfectly fine without me being “on top of things.”

Being unplugged is still a bit of an issue for me, but I’m dedicated to making it happen. I’ve decided to write with pen and paper whenever possible, close my computer and use my record player more often – the hissing is quite relaxing, and incorporate a no tech day. Just thinking about it makes me feel calm.

How often do you unplug? When did you realize that you needed to unplug? Do you feel like it makes a huge difference?

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  • Ohh.. I can definitely understand the amount of anxiety, stress, and worry that comes from not checking your email/twitter/online updates! My heart LITERALLY beats faster when I feel like I have been ignoring my email for too long! lol… the WORLD WE LIVE IIIIIIIIN!

  • saradoubleu

    For work I’m always on the computer so ideally when I’m at home I’d like to take an hour every day to unplug but for me it is TOUGH

  • OSHH

    I totally unplug when I leave work and only use my cell not smart phone for calls and texts, gasp. Yet I don’t miss anything. I will be upgrading to a smart phone soon tho LOL.