One of the most famous supermodels in the world will be beaming into homes all across the country with a new show later this  year. Naomi Campbell, known for her striking beauty and infamous temper, will be headlining a new model search show that sounds exactly like America’s Next Top Model.

Like its Top Model predecessor, The Face will also air on The CW and promisses to deliver “fashion, beauty and drama” each week.

UK’s the Telegraph reports:

British supermodel, Naomi Campbell is to make her television debut in a new modelling show called The Face , which is set to rival fellow modelling programme America’s Next Top Model .

One of three supermodel judges, the rest of which are yet to be announced, Campbell will be helping to find a winner of a series of challenges which, according to Fashionista , will include photo shoots, catwalk shows and faux adverts for well-known American fashion brands. The winner of said challenges will then become a brand ambassador and the face of a ‘major national brand’ which has yet to be named.

Hmmm….should Tyra and her revamped ANTM crew be worried?

What do you think? Is ‘The Face’ too similar to ANTM? Will you watch? 

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  • Hell yea I’ll watch. I freaking love models. I tend to geek out internally when I recognize one of the streets but I maintain the NY cool on the inside.

    I’ve never had one model catch an attitude with me either. Some of the newer models are a little shocked that people can spot them though.

    Lord please give us another round of the supermodels and take away these reality show people.

    I love Naomi but not as much as I use to after her behavior in the UN courts. Who the hell do you think you are Naomi, think of those people in Liberia who lost their limbs for God’s sake.

    • C


      I am a model spotter too

      The last two I saw were Sessilee Lopez and Rose Cordero

      Sessile Lopez is so gorgeous.Her features! Her pictures do not do her justice at all. You have to see her in person. OMG!

    • bekah

      Ugh, this city is full of models. Especially during fashion week. Their struts make me rethink my sexy.

    • @C- Rose just had a baby.

      I have not seen Sessilee in person yet but she has one of the most photogenic faces ever. I hope I see her in person one day :)

  • Whatever

    Yes, I’ll watch. I thought Naomi should have had her own show ages ago. When I think of supermodel, she’s the 1st person that comes to mind.

  • C

    I love Naomi, even though shes crazy

    Too bad I dont own a tv….I would def support her.

  • C


    I am a model spotter too

    The last two i saw were Sessilee Lopez and Rose Cordero

    Sessilee is so gorgeous. Her features! Her pictures do not do her justice. You have to see her in person. Rose is pretty too but so thin. Actually they both are.

  • Fatima

    Cosign with Whatever. I will watch simply because I like Naomi and plus I am really interested in doing something else other than model, posing for the cameras, and having tempter tantrums. LOL.