When a random person from the days of school lunch and double-dutch friends you on Facebook, it can be a bit awkward. You’re grown. You weren’t BFFs. You have no friends in common in your adult life. Did they really just go look you up? Why? But offline, the story plays out a bit differently.

About a week ago I ran into a familiar face. We instantly smiled and called each other by name. We told each other about the joy of life, but stopped mid catch-up. We couldn’t remember the last time we’d talked. There was a warmth and familiarity but we could not place how and why we knew each other. High school? Nope. Middle school? Nope. We didn’t live in the same area. “Wait,” we said simultaneously. “We were friends in like fourth grade,” I said in disbelief. I have trouble remembering names from last week, but here I was calling her by first and last in the middle of store. “Oh my goodness, we had Ms. Alexander together,” she laughed.

We chatted for a bit longer, but our rekindled friendship ended at the checkout line. We didn’t exchange Twitter handles, we won’t be checking each other’s Facebook to see what the other persons life is really like. It was actually pretty awesome to see that she was well. But, I also loved the ability to dig up those memories and leave then leave them in place. I’d actually like to run into more people. I think it’d be fun.

Are there any folks from your childhood with whom you’d like to play a quick game of catch-up?

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