Christian-Louboutin-red-soles1Christian Louboutin has already dominated the women’s shoe world so it only makes sense that he move on to makeup right? Well, whether it makes sense or not it’s happening. According to Women’s Wear Daily, the red bottom footwear genius is branching into cosmetics with a Christian Louboutin Beauté line that will include “multiple, unspecified classifications”—which basically means the makeup sky is the limit.

Louboutin is known for creating heels that make a statement whether you notice the red sole or not, and he says we should expect that same strong and sexy theme from his facial products.

“Beauty products have to do with empowering women,” he told WWD.

This is a busy year for Louboutin who’s in the midst of designing a glass slipper for Disney that will be unveiled this fall, which is likely why we’ll have to wait until 2013 to get a first look at this cosmetics line. There’s also no word yet on where it will be carried but we can’t wait to see what type of “Chinese red” goodies he comes up with for our face.

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