It’s almost that time of year again, Mother’s Day. Even though we all love our own mother’s, let’s face it, more than a handful of us spent countless hours in front of the television growing up in awe of some great tv moms. These moms were beautiful and fun, but still bad ass enough to keep the hubby and kids in check with a single glance.

Check out a few of my fave tv moms and see if my faves are your faves too!

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  • Beana

    All of these women encompass the wonderful characteristics of an amazing mother. My current favorite t.v. mom is Evelyn Braxton. She is awesome!

  • Phylicia Raschad was one heck of a good looking woman. Look at that bottom right photo, she’s giving me Dorthy Dandridge tea.

    The woman above are a perfect example of what I mean when I say the roles of Blk women in Hollywood have regressed. Notice that they are all various shades of the Blk spectrum. When enraged by their teenagers antics they could pop a slight “tude”, it was not a common sight to see any of the blk women above doing any of the stereotypical mannerisms and gesticulations. They were married Black women with husbands who loved and took( or in James case tired too) care of family and home.

    Blk women… the MSM has declared war on us!

    • I don’t think the bottom right photo is Phylicia Rashad — I think that’s Daphne Reid, who was the replacement “Vivian Banks” on the Fresh Prince, right under the original, Janet Hubert.

      I kinda agree with you about the roles of black women regressing… but I also don’t. Black women have always been portrayed as being very domestic. They are always at somebody’s house, taking care of somebody’s kids, and if they aren’t then their characters are considered “fast’ and “loose”. I think it’s pretty rare to see a black woman on television who is NOT a parent and taking care of children. And I don’t see that as regression, per se… after all, now sisters are taking care of their own black families, instead of massa’s chirrens.

    • Purplekeychain,

      No not the pic here shown on page one. Go thru the four pages, see page with Phylicia’s photos and you’ll see the photo I was raving about.

      No the way Black mothers are portrayed on TV now is just different. They are hardly ever married and they seem to be mean as hell and have serious attitude problems.

  • Alexandra

    I also liked Thea, Dee Mitchell and Louise ‘Weezy’ Jefferson.
    And another point for Evelyn Braxton!

  • “Even though we all love our own mother’s”… really?

  • James from Goodtimes was so UnPC.

    No way in hell would the major networks have dad like James in a sitcom. James ran his home with a iron fist. Every damn thing breathing in that house was afraid of James esp Florida(damn damn damn).