Remember the old party fail-safe, “Never Have I Ever?” A group would gather in a circle, red cups in hand, and start tossing off experiences they’d never had. Folks who also hadn’t had that experience would raise their hands–but those who had, took a drink and then had to share with the group the details of his/her experience. There’d always been that one sloshed person at the end of it all, who turned out to be far more “experienced” than everyone else. And you’d walk away from the party knowing far more about your friends than you did when you came.

Well, today, we’re going to play a modified version of Never Have I Ever here at Clutch. I’ll start by throwing out a list of never-done things. Instead of drinking, post a comment, sharing your experience, if you fit the bill. Instead of raising your hand if you don’t fit the bill, post a comment with your own Never Have I Ever list, and invite commenters to join in your thread.

If all hearts and minds are clear, let’s begin.

1. Never have I ever… been in a fistfight.

2. Never have I ever… shoplifted.

3. Never have I ever… been to Greece.

4. Never have I ever… thrown an undergarment at the stage during a concert.

5. Never have I ever… kissed a stranger.

Your turn. If you’ve done any of the five things above, post your anecdote about it (feel free to do so anonymously). If you haven’t, write your own Never Have I Ever List, and let the rest of us post our own anecdotes, when applicable. Ready, set, go!

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