Since the beginning of time, smart women have threatened the power structure. From Cleopatra and Hatshepsut to Angela Davis, bell hooks, and countless others who have dared to be bold, brazen, and down right brilliant, women have continued to walk the line between shining brightly without over shadowing their male counterparts.

I’m sure we’ve all heard about the dating “rules,” that smart, accomplished women should not tout their intelligence or accomplishments, lest we make men feel, well, less manly. Thankfully most of us don’t subscribe to this line of thinking, but we still run across men who talk up their “greatness” without considering ours. In case you meet one of these “good” brothas whose flaws are non-existent and whose resume is full of seemingly prominent positions, don’t forget to toot your own horn. Oh, and if you need a little help, show them this quirky little video by Princeton grad Nikki Muller.

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