After returning from the Cannes film festival in France, Diddy was feeling a bit restless (or full of himself?). The 42-year-old music mogul took to Twitter to invite his followers to join him at a strip club to make it rain…for a good cause, of course.

Well, his PSA caught the attention of photographer Rob Hoffman, who had a little message for Mr. Combs: Pay me my money!

Hoffman’s public debt collection attempts haven’t seemed to phase Puff, who defended his choice to drop $2 milli at the club.

“I know you may think its better ways for me to spend my money,” Diddy tweeted. “But its my motherfuckin money! I support the stripper association of america!”

Although it hasn’t seemed to ruffle Combs’ feathers, Hoffman’s #PayYourBillsDiddy meme has picked up steam. Blogs, fellow Twitter users, and even a few graphic artists have jumped into the mix to try to shame Diddy into settling up his debts with Hoffman.

But will it work?

Have you ever gone to extremes to collect money someone owed you?

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