Queen Latifah has been tapped to headline the Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Festival later this month, which has left many wondering if she’s finally, officially, coming out and letting the world know she’s gay.

Since playing Cleo, the brash out and proud lesbian, in the film Set It Off many have speculated about Latifah’s sexual orientation. Although she’s never said she was gay…or straight for that matter, people seemed to assume that her convincing performance hinted at her true self. Add to that the fact that she’s never been spotted with man-candy on her arm but was spotted on a boat getting close with Jeanette Jenkins, and folks began waiting for her to officially proclaim she’s gay and proud.

But why?

I’ve always been a fan of the Queen. Since she burst on the scene with her Afrocentric ‘fits and powerful, take-no-shorts lyrics, she’s always been one of my favorites. So when people argue that she needs to just “come out already” I want to tell them STFU.

Here’s why.

Reason # 1: People don’t have to “come out as straight,” why is it different for gays?

No one ever questions when a heterosexual person will “come out” and explain to the world that, yes…they love the opposite sex, so why should it be any different for a gay person? If life is about being in love and living how you want, why does one person owe the world a long, drawn-out explanation about what goes on between their sheets, and the other does not? Separate but equal? Methinks not.

Reason # 2: Actions speak louder than coming out speeches.

While some may want Latifah to hold an “I’m gay, dammit!” press conference or spill the tea to Ellen, how she lives her life is far more important than what she has to say.  Although the Queen has never “come out,” she’s been spotted canoodling with (ex-girlfriend?) fitness trainer Jeanette Jenkins and she’s a fierce advocate for the LGBT community, often working with several organizations to combat negative treatment on the basis of sexuality. If actions indeed speak louder than words, Latifah’s been showing her love for the LGBT community, is that not enough?

Reason # 3: It’s none of our damn business.

In this day and age, many folks think everything celebrities do is up for public debate, but some things—like whom they date—isn’t really any of our business. It’s one thing if they’re constantly on the town with a new boo-of-the-week or flaunting a five-carat diamond for the cameras, but for celebs who value their privacy, we shouldn’t continue to speculate on who is occupying their bedrooms.

What do you think? Why are some people so intent on Queen Latifah “officially” coming out?  

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