When the clock strikes midnight, it will be June 1st. For some folks it’s just another day. For others it brings on a flood of questions like “where the hell did the year go” and “what they hell have I been doing?” Every year I have a moment when I think about all of the things I set out to do, but haven’t accomplished. Depending on the list, it can be depressing. This year I’ve decided to take a new approach.

I’m going to celebrate the six-month mark. Before I look at what I haven’t done, I’m going to celebrate all of the wonderful things I have accomplished. I’m also going to make note of the thing dope things that happened even though they were never really in the plan. Then I’m going to revisit my vision board and reevaluate.

Which goals have been placed on the back burner?
Why were these things important January 1st?
What has changed in six months to make them less important?
Do I need to recommit to or ditch these goals?

Do you plan to revisit your New Year’s Resolutions? Will try again or completely scrap your old goals?

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