A Jefferson Parish, Louisiana school psychologist is coming under scrutiny after a series of offensive tweets that called for “young black male thugs” to be “put down like the dog they are.”

Back in January, Mark Trina went on a racially offensive Twitter tirade:


Another tweet read, “We are faced with a young Black Army of Thugs who have declared War on the American Way of Life-Holding America Hostage as we speak.” 

One of the most inflammatory tweets stated, “Young Black Thugs who won’t follow the law need to be put down not incarcerated. Put down like the Dogs they are!”

The Southern Poverty Law Center informed the Jefferson Parish school system about Traina’s comments just a day before it filed a law suit against the district with the federal government claiming it discriminates against black students. The law suit alleges the district disproportionately refers black students—who make up less than half of students, but nearly 80-percent of referrals–to alternative schools for minor infractions such a disruptive behavior and forces them “to languish for months.”

Clearly delusional, Trina described himself as “an American Civil Rights Activist who unlike Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton represents all Americans,” and claims he isn’t racist, but his tweet tell a different story.

Traina, who sounds like he needs the psychological services he’s supposed to provide, also attempted to defend himself on NOLA.com, saying:

This is just another way to harass the Jefferson Parish Public School System. One only needs to read the Times Picayune to see who the real trouble makers are. Sadly, it is disproportionately young black males. Everyone knows that our jails throughout the United States are disproportionately filled with black people. Why would the rate be any different in an educational environment?

If his views on the same young black students he’s supposed to be helping wasn’t enough, Traina claims his opinions are based on facts.

“Everything I said is fact-based, backed up by data. I don’t have a prejudiced bone in my body. I’m not a racist. I’m a realist.”

While it’s clear that people like Traina with antiquated, racist views are plentiful (and sadly fall on both sides of the color spectrum), the fact that he has such a negative view of the student he’s supposed to help is extremely problematic.

Minority and impoverished students face a host of challenges and often times fall into negative behaviors that lead them to being caught in the legal system. However, viewing the symptoms (incarceration, drop out rates, teen pregnancy) without looking at its root causes (intuitional racism, unequal schools, generational poverty) does little to fix the problem.

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  • Ladyt

    okay…………Whether you want to admit it or not, there is a serious problem with the black male as a whole. I see the comments on education, poor school system, the white man is racist, and etc. My question is why are the black males not concern about this issue? Black ladies, you are not going to save the black men. It is biblically incorrect and civilizationally incorrect. I know civilizationally is not a word, but those who are some what bright can figure it out and continue to read.
    Black men as a whole do not see a problem in the world. This is why you have the functional black males sitting around not saying anything to the incompetant black males. We as black women see, bitch about it, and try to act on it but to no avail. Our black males are actually believing and siding with mainstream media about how bitter and maladjusted we black women are. When the shit came out on the sistas having STDs, poor mother skills, not attractive enough to marry and the whole nine yards, I do not recall any black males coming to our defense. They were just relieved that the bad news was not focused on them. Now that the white men have started to voice their hatred of the black man, why is the sistas hollering?……..where are the black men?……again?
    Unfortunately, the black is going to have to start haning from the trees again before they wake up to see what is going on.

    • tisme

      I approve this message… to an extent.Many of us here are women who don’t have children.And it is possible for someone to have said the same thing about us and black people,male and female alike,would NOT have taken up for us or said anything.

      But I am against innocent people being targeted for murder because of their race.To these people anybody black looks like a criminal.We have to be careful on this issue for OUR OWN SAKE and for the sake of other black women and girls.Racist whites are dangerous to ALL black people

    • Ladyt


    • lady t

      tisme……I too do not have children as well. My point is that until black men wake up and see what is going on, the hate will continue to be manifested into our society. I have a father, brother, uncles and male cousins who are dear to me, so this is not black male bashing. A prime example is the incarceration rate. The numbers are staggering and continue to grow yet the black males as a whole have yet to deminish these statistics. I worked in a prison for two years and I can tell you with clarity that those fools were crazy and violet. Many of them would say that they were in for drugs………..NOT. Shooting, stabbing, child molesting, raping and their victims were usually the girlfriend and the girlfriend children. Black men have got to battle this.

    • Blair


      I completely agree with you. Anytime there is an issue with Black women, Black men, Black children, black community, we Black women are always the first to talk, organize, advocate, defend, petition or stategize what needs to be done. Over the last few years the media has really been attacking Blacks, esp Black women, notably from articles, tv specials, pyschologists and studies about our marrisge rates, health, weight, children, hair, beauty you name it! What I have noticed, again we are the first to jump on it and come to our own defense. WHERE ARE THE BLACK MEN!!!!!!!!! Why arent they coming to our defense? Why arent they mad or embarresed??? Hell, why arnt they speaking up? Why arnt they advocating, organizing, raising hell, or making phone calls???? Why dont BLACK MEN understand that there is a problem when everyone in the world sees there is something wrong.

      I dont want to make a blaket statement and say all black men dont do anything, but COLLECTIVELY they are failing, thus their communities are failing, their women are not respected and their children are left to seek role models on tv. I am a political science major and I hope one day to be an ambassador. Two of my most interesting classes this semester was international relations and AA studies. Both classes I learned that its very important to be educated in your history, if not you will repeat it and will be a victim. So for those who say its all bc of slavery we are where we at today is not completely true. We are where we at bc we trusted people who only wanted our land, natural resources and use us for labor to expand their territory and seek more people to oppress, at the same time those very people enforce their culture, religion, beliefs and values on us. Further, they help us women to emasculate our men and took away their confidence to actually govern tgeir own territory, provide and love their women and play and take responsibility for their children. At the same time those people put tgeir women on a pedestal and praise them while tearing down and demeaning black women. Secondly, once blacks were freed the first thing they did was look for lost family members then to educate themselves and secure their newfounded liberties. So ppl need to realize we always valued family, desired to be educated and died for our liberties. So what happened today? Blacks, MEN and WOMEN have lost FOCUS on whats important: family and education, and has got too COMFORTABLE with society. Focus on continuing ro fight equality and internalized and externalized racism for fitting in and buying the newest phones, cars, clothes and more, but claim to be broke. When slaves were free they put the little money they had together to build schools, churches, health clinics and bisinesses, while being lynched murdered, raped and attacked ny angry white southerners. What are vlack peoples excuse today. Why cant we build our own schools and teach our own children? Rather we send them to internally racist schools that are taught, owned and runmed by the very people who oppressed us!!!! We have gotten to comfortable bc we secured some civil liberties and wait and hold too much responsibility on civil right leaders who were part of the movement in the 60s. At tge same time, after the Black power movement that was a lesson learned from whites never to let,black people organize, have pride in their culture and heritage and uplfit each other, we need to ditract them and get them to fight against each other. I.e flooding our neighborhoods with drugs, creating policies and laws to suspect and search innocent black men and send them to jail, take advantage of hip hop and turn it into somethimg ugly and degrading, give millions of dollars to althletes that dont know how to manage their money, help fund Koreans to sell hair to black women, and more. All of this happened under our noses.

      Let me get back to the point, historically and presently Black WOMEN have always been supportive, organized, planned and foughr for the betterment of the black community. And our men at one time was COLLECTIVELY, at our side: at the alter, field, home and marches. Now WHERE are they, collectively? Jail, gangs, on the arms of other women, by themselves, anywhere but with us. Why dont they find the attacks a problem? Because their is no sovereignty to us, thus its not a problem bc we are not their women. A sad fact. We all need to understand you cant jus ”do you and live you life” bc we all are in some way shape or form connected. And with the direction that society is going in :globalization, our inability to even work together at a local if not domestic level makes us the laughing stock, least progressive people and pathetic people on this planet. And for those that say ”who cares what other people think” should think twice, with jobs going over sees, Chinas rising as a potential super power, and how we are collectively in no position of owning anything significantly big enough to employ our people, not be a victim and depend completly on ouselves without assistance.

      Women and children are a reflection of how strong a community if not nation is.

    • Introverted Leo

      Look, don’t hold your breathe waiting for Black men to care about anything other than materialism and physical gratification.

    • R



      you still around itch?

  • Ladyt

    where is my comment?

  • African

    Get over it my fellow black people in the US of A. Stop whining. Live right and help the next brother or sister to live right. Instead of whining about systematic oppression/racism or whatever your lazy intellectuals have instilled in y’all, why not live right and positive and stop being a thug? Nobody ever got a hug for being a thug. You end up getting killed because your are living off negativity. But then again, y’all always need hugs and validations from white people.

    • R

      I wish some Africans would shut up!

      Those who live in glass houses….

    • Ladyt

      hmmmm……show us?

  • NoitAll

    I think it’s said that so many people like Traina are focused on so-called “black on black” crime, when rural (White) America is destroying itself at the hands of the methamphetamine epidemic. When is Traina going to talk about those “thugs.”

    • Ladyt

      no one gives a flip about the whites and their problem……I love our people, therefore, I will focus on our people.

  • check

    Hyperbole, anyone?