Last year VIBE put Rick Ross on the cover of their Sexy Issue and there was a collective “wait, what?” Who knew that this year’s cover would inspire a slew of WTF’s and a bit of controversy? I didn’t trip much off of the cover. If all the folks who tuned into those shows and live-tweeted the catfights bought the issue, it would definitely be a good look for the magazine. I also wanted to know what they meant by role model and decided to hold off until I read the story. Still, the biggest thing for me was the story backlash. I started paying attention to the number of people who replied with lists “real role models.” There were names but what made each person a role model was unclear.

What is it about a person that makes them a role model? Should you aspire to everything in that person’s or just pieces? What are the deal-breakers? How do role models differ from mentors?


What are the criteria for being a role model?

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