We blame Angelina Jolie for this. Ever since she wore that black dress to the Oscar’s and had her leg hanging out in that obviously weird, look at my bare stems way, more female celebrities than we’d like to name have been trying to one-up her in the slit department.

First it was Rihanna during her Harper’s Bazaaar shoot—the final results of which we haven’t seen yet. Then it was Jessica White who almost showed us all the love she has below in a sparkly blue strapless gown at the Jacob’s Cure 2012 gala last week. But not to be outdone by a fellow model, Anja Rubik showed up at the Met Gala this past weekend with a split all the way up to her hip bone—not to mention the one across the girls.

This leg-baring slit trend is all very Toni Braxton 2001 Grammy’s-ish, except at that time everybody was like okaaayyy Toni girl, do your thing (by yourself)…, and now they’re like, wait I can do that too. Thankfully everyone who’s gone for the amazingly high split look has had the body to pull it off, but the question is, does it look good? We’d prefer the ladies went a little heavier on the quality of the dress they were wearing and a little less on the leg but these celeb’s motto seems to be, let me just show some gam so they don’t realize what a hideous gown I’m wearing. Sorry girls, we noticed.

What do you think about this super high split craze? Good look or too much?

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