During Jay-Z’s press conference, CNN asked the rapper’s opinion of Barack Obama’s stance on gay marriage. While your first response might be “who cares,” the history of Obama’s time getting to and residing in the Oval Office would suggest that a number of people do. Not just about Jay’s take on the president, but stars in general.

Shawn Carter has referred to himself as a “small part of the reason that he president is black.” He was pretty visible during the campaign. When he performed “Blue Magic” from his album American Gangster, a photo of then president George W. Bush appeared on the screen when the MC (and audiences yelled) “f*ck Bush.” A photo of Barack Obama would then appear, resulting in cheers from the crowd. Carter also jumped on Young Jeezy’s “My President is Black,” once the election was won.

Shortly after President Barack Obama’s saying he was pro gay marriage, singer Ricky Martin hosted a New York fundraiser for the president. Days before, actor George Clooney raised $15 million for Obama during a party at that actor’s home. And if you recall, Obama made his way to Late with Jimmy Fallon to slow jam the news to discuss student loan interests rates.

Barack Obama’s presidency has been quite the star-studded event. As November nears, there will be more entertainers and more television shows. But, will celebrity endorsements and T.V. appearances really make a difference when it is time for reelection?

What role does pop/celebrity culture play in your politics?

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  • Malcolm X

    None at all because I don`t concern myself with politics. Politics, as they are, will NEVER benefit the totality of humanity. It`s these corporations who are the defacto leaders of this country, and as long as that remains a maxim the oligarchy will continue to run its` course. So what if Obama is black. Color is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. He`s a puppet on a string and nothing more. And for all you Obama zealots, you can`t point to me ONE concrete of evidence, during his four year presidency, that benefits the masses…not ONE. Unless there`s a fundamental change in ideology, I consider going to the polls to be a very futile effort.


  • Val

    “During Jay-Z’s press conference, CNN asked the rapper’s opinion of Barack Obama’s stance on gay marriage.”

    You say Jay Z’s press conference like that’s so normal for him to have a press conference that CNN or any other major news outlet would show up for and then don’t explain why he was having a press conference? Lol

    Why in the hail would Jay Z be having a pres conference?

  • Does he even know why he is supporting Obama other than he is black. This dude! URRRGH.

  • Pie

    Now that Jay-Z, Will Smith and others have come out in support of President Obama’s view on gay marriage, let us all genuflect in the magnificence of the moment – UGH!

    I can give a you-know-what about Jay-Z support of President Obama’s view on gay marriage. My politics is not affected by Jay-Z or any other celebrity. Nice that he feels that way but I could care less.