Yesterday, I sent my girl Michele pictures and a description of a potential apartment. She hit me back with her thoughts. Everything was pretty positive and she even remembered to ask how the lease terms would affect my one-year plan. I’d thought about it, but there was something about having my girl there holding me accountable that made me think a bit harder. I noted yet another reason to be thankful for our friendship. Michele helps me stay focused.

We’ve known each other for years. It started as an email correspondence between a college undergrad (me) and a real-life magazine editor (her). Over time we’ve gone from email pals to sisterfriends. We’ve even done the co-worker thing. From debriefing while drinking tea to creating vision boards while watching romantic comedies, we’ve shared our dreams. We do a pretty good job of making sure that the other person doesn’t lose sight of their mission.

I tend to share things with her in moments of chaos and in moments of calm. Thus, she has a pretty balanced view of things. She’s also the type to coach and support you through big decisions, and not one of those people who give unsolicited advice and constantly tell you want to do. It really is a beautiful thing.

Who helps you stick to your goals?

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  • Introverted Leo

    No one helps me but me.

  • Seriously?

    My Little sister (Best friend) we’ve been close for 12 years <3
    Even after I moved away 7 years ago We pretty much talk at least once a week (even though for the last 7 months it's been pretty much everyday) for at least 2 hours. Much love to her !

  • Sam

    My friend by fate and sister by choice. She keeps me on track. She has a beautiful way of consoling me and keeping it really real! What I love about our sisterhood is our evolution. We are constantly growing and changing but we keep each other grounded and we grow together. We are not the type of friends who are satisfied with saying “we’ve grown apart”. We fight for each other and instead of saying we’re different people so we can no longer be friends, we see these changes as another reason to love each other. We appreciate each others growth, learn from each other and have the patience to understand each others pace. She’s a blessing and I love my best friend – scratch that my sister!