Clutch your remote. The time clock has run out for Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall and they will not be returning for the next season of “The Game.” Hiphollywood.com first reported that an exclusive source informed them Tia and Pooch were given walking papers and would not be back as their characters, Melanie and Derwin, for the next season of the series which has already been renewed. At the time, the news was just a rumor, but then radio host Dede McGuire tweeted that Tia told her she was fired from the show and then Tia sent her own tweet confirming the news:

“Just wanted to let all my fans know that I will not be returning to The Game for season 6. It was an incredible run and I had lots of fun.”

We know fans haven’t been thrilled about this season of the show or its shift since moving from the CW to BET, but these are the central characters in the series. Maybe Tia and Pooch will be replaced, which would be awkward, but it would seem even weirder if they just disappeared. Wendy Raquel Robinson could definitely carry the show as Tasha Mack but her supporting cast? We’re not so sure. So far Pooch hasn’t commented on the situation but the network reportedly wants both actors back to film an end to their storyline. We’ll definitely be tuning in to see how they wrap this season June 5.

Are you surprised Tia and and Pooch have been cut?

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  • justpassingthrough

    Honestly, if I had known The Game would’ve come to this after being brought back to television, I would have preferred the way it ended on season 3. Tia and Pooch leaving just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Unlike a lot of other Seasons 1-3 fans, I found it difficult to turn away from the show on BET even though I told myself over and over I wasn’t going to watch it anymore because I hated its direction. Every episode, I hoped that The Game would progress and return to the quality it had on the CW and before it even got the chance to do that, I find out that the core of this show won’t even be there next season.

    It’s just sad. That’s the only way I could put it.

  • Sandra

    The Game without Melanie and Derwin is like 106 and Park without Terrence J and Rocsi. BET is really gonna suffer for these decisions. I understand that Pooch, Tia, Terrence and Rocsi are on to bigger and better things and God bless them all in their endeavors; however, neither show can be carried without them. For the benefit of both shows: BET = Better End This! You’ve lost viewership in my house.

    • Sandra

      Then to boot, they chose Samuel L Jackson to host the BET Awards… What are they thinking.