As I hit send on my third work-related email for the day, I got a text from a friend. I think she sensed that I was spending my Sunday prepping for the week. I think she also knew I needed a break. I, however, was prepared to battle her on this idea of taking a break. I’d already turned down a number of invitations to “get out and enjoy the sun,” by noting that I was sitting outside while writing. It wasn’t that my work was extremely pressing it was that I’d planned on working and I needed to stick to that plan. Turning down invites to partake in a Sunday Funday was about discipline.

She proposed grabbing a quick bite. And, well, a sista’s got to eat. Our sandwich run turned into a day of local sightseeing and running into folks who had the good sense not to waste such a beautiful day indoors. The best part was running into an impromptu salsa dance session. A group of friends decided to bring their speakers to the park and dance. Soon folks who were taking leisurely strolls, and even those who were on their way somewhere specific, stopped to dance and people watch. The passersby began calling friends to bring blankets and drinks. And if you were standing close enough to a skilled dance, but not moving your body, they offered to take you through the movements.

Somewhere between salsa and gelato, my friend and I talked about the importance of breaks. We talked about being productive versus being busy. I thought about how many things I had missed because it wasn’t in my plans. It was time to introduce a bit of spontaneity into my life.

Do you consider yourself a spontaneous person? What are the perks?

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