When The CW initially canceled The Game, many of its most devoted fans were upset at what they saw as a premature ousting. The show’s resurrection on BET remains a testament to the power of vocal black audiences. Not only did we get the show up and running again, but its BET debut marked the highest ratings in the network’s history.

But I always liked the idea of leaving The Game where it was. The end of season three provided an adequate series finale: the birth of Derwin’s son, his marriage to Melanie in the hospital chapel, Rick Fox comes back for Tasha, Malik’s still a jerk. The only “cliffhanger” of sorts was Kelly Pitts punching Tasha out when she found out she’d hooked Jason up with Stacey Dash. As a viewer, I was satisfied. In fact, I wasn’t convinced the show hadn’t peaked. Where else could it go?

Well, we’ve found out. That is, some of us have. I stopped watching midway through season four. Season five is a mystery to me (something about Brandy playing a character called “Chardonnay” and helping Jason get in touch with his blackness? Also: Tasha’s going to be Melanie and Derwin’s surrogate?). I do know that live-tweets regarding the show have significantly lessened after an episode earlier this year where black women were portrayed in a negative light. Numbers indicate viewership has gradually declined.

Now that we know the show’s cornerstone characters won’t be returning, is there anything left to watch? Maybe. Here are a few suggestions on how the series can reboot itself. 

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  • Chakecia

    Tia posted on Twitter she won’t be returning so its already done

  • Mitchell

    Tia leaving could be the boost this show needs. Time to switch things up. Please let Tosha Mack evolve more into a professional business woman

  • mamareese

    Although I’m glad to see black actors employeed….I have never supported this show. There is a lot of bad acting and story lines that I just can’t stomach. BET needs to get back to it’s old programming….bring back live shows from artists other than Lil Wayne and his getalong gang. Then they need to pick up some tv shows that are actually worth watching……Love Addition is on point ya’ll should check it out….it’s on TV1 or Centric I think.

  • Tameeka M.

    I guess I am in the minority, but I happen to love the emotional core of the game this season. They are really brooching some real-life issues and I happen to like Brandy on the show. I say keep it, plus the ratings are the highest that they have ever been for the series or the network for a prime-time show.