We’ve watched Tia Mowry grow up right before our eyes. We looked on as she burst on the scene as a gangly teen starring along side her fraternal twin in the show Sister, Sister and we continued to watch as she played the dynamic longtime love of a professional football player on The Game. After years of watching Melanie and Derwin’s relationship play out on screen, she recently announced that she was leaving the show for greener pastures.

Recently, Mowry sat down with Vibe Vixen to chat about balancing motherhood and her career, and what’s next up after The Game.

Check out an excerpt from the article:

Tia Mowry bursts onto the phone, a ball of positive energy. From LA, she sounds bubbly, could even be glowing. Quite possibly, the 33-year-old mommy of Cree Taylor may still be over-the-moon about becoming an auntie.

“This is the hardest secret I have had to keep! But it’s out!!!!! I am gonna be an auntie!!!!!!!!!! OMG! Cree is gonna have a cousin!” she wrote on Twitter.

Or maybe she’s hooked on the high of Oh, Baby! an advice book about pregnancy and motherhood that hit shelves earlier this month. Within the pages, Mowry tells of her own baby-carrying journey, shares tips and pinpoints the forgotten details of when women gain baby bumps—style. It’s a dream actualized for the lovable star. ”You know how you always had a vision—well writing a book was always my vision,” she explains. “I just didn’t know what kind of book I was going to write.”

Now heading out on a book promo tour, Tia anticipates an intensified schedule while joining a long list of women who have perfected the balancing act of work and home life. “I’m the type of woman that looks up to Kimora and women that do it all.”

However, the mom-slash-wife-slash-actress kicked one main entrée off her plate: BET’s The Game.

The popular show about the lives of football players navigating the world of fame has clipped two of its leading roles (Pooch Hall will not return next season either), allowing the now budding entrepreneur to focus on other individual feats as well as projects with her twin sis. In the meantime, she still heavily supports the TV spot that seems to have lost some faithful followers. “It has different angles, different lighting, but if you dive into the story and look at the story and not what it looks like, it is still a great show and the show that it needs to be.”

What do you think of the Vibe Vixen cover? Will you continue to watch ‘The Game’ after Tia’s departure? Check out the full interview now @ vibevixen.com!

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  • E.E. Stonem

    For the record, Tia and Tamera are fraternal twins, not identical. While they obviously look incredibly similar, there are some very obvious differences between them and are pretty easy to tell apart. Aside from different faces, Tamera has a prominent mole that makes her immediately distinguishable.

    • Chocoprncs

      Actually they are what is known as mirror twins. They both had both moles but on opposite sides hence the term mirror twins. Tia had her mole removed. Fraternal twins don’t look anything alike and can be of the opposite sex.

    • E.E. Stonem

      Could you provide some references to support your claim?

      I don’t know about them being “mirror” twins, but identical they are not. Fraternal twins can look very similar OR very different from each other. Yes, they can be male-female but they can also be of the same gender. I think they are fraternal / dizygotic twins, like the Olsen twins. (And the Olsens, even being fraternal, look more similar than the Mowry twins. But like the Mowry twins, you can tell them apart, too.)


    • Ashley

      Actually they are identical, Tia had the same mole on the same side of her face and had it removed. If you look at old pictures of them, you can see it for yourself. Also, my mom is an identical twin, just bc they are identical doesn’t mean you have to be unable to tell them apart. My mom is 1.5 inches taller, ITs are the same genetically, but the environment can still have an effect on their looks. Also, it is well documented that they are identical. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tia_Mowry

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  • allthingsmwny

    I quit watching the game after the church episode. It seemed like they had Melanie dumbed down and not as strong as she once was. The best of the Game was on CW.