Cosmetologist Becomes Multiple Amputee When Butt Injections Go Bad – As a cosmetologist and fashion designer, April Brown’s life was all about making other women look beautiful, but when she underwent an unlicensed cosmetic procedure to enhance her own figure, she was actually left disfigured. Life-threatening infections from the backroom butt implants she received have left her a multiple amputee with no hands or legs below the knee cap. The mother of two told NBC 4 News: “I got the butt implants five years ago. For five years, I lived in pain. Excruciating pain.” (Continue Reading…)

Why Won’t Designers Just Use Women Who Look Like Consumers To Sell Clothes? – It’s such a logical idea to encourage a woman to buy clothes by displaying them on someone who actually looks like her, but as we know in the fashion industry this is as foreign a concept as actually using a woman of color for a magazine cover as though somehow white women couldn’t possibly be the only ones interested in high fashion. As it turns out, the case for using “real women” to sell clothes to consumers isn’t just backed by popular opinion or a sentiment of wanting to see someone like yourself in an ad campaign, research shows that shoppers are more likely to buy clothing when they see it on someone who actually resembles them—be that in body shape, skin color, or age. (Continue Reading…)

How Many Times a Day Do You Check Yourself Out? – Are you one of those people who can’t walk by a mirror—or anything that you can see your reflection in—without looking? If so, you’re not unlike most women who check themselves out an average eight times per day. What is funny is that most of us don’t even have to be around a mirror to try to catch a glimpse. A new survey found that women will gladly use someone else’s sunglasses, storefronts, smartphone screens, and car windows just to sneak a peak. (Continue Reading…)

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