There’s nothing like wearing something that reminds you of the days when you didn’t have to pay bills or didn’t have to find a job to survive. Yes, I am talking about childhood. The one time in our lives that we wish would have never ended. One of the major spring accessories trends is the friendship bracelets.

As a child, you may have given a friendship bracelet to your best friend to showcase how much you adore your pal. Now, the childhood nostalgic bracelet is a killer way to spice up an outfit for spring.

With a trend like this, you have the option to purchase the bracelets at a trendy shop or just make them by hand. We have an easy step by step guide to making a chic, grown up friendship bracelet.

Supplies You Need

1 yard of embroidery floss/string

Embroidery needle

Pair of scissors


Step 1: Cut 6 strands of embroidery string using the colors of your choice. Each will be 60 centimeters long.

Step 2: Align all strands together, and grab the strings 7 centimeters from the top. With your other hand, grab the very top of the strings and create a loop with the string in between your hands. Pull the strings on top through the loop and you will have a knot.

Step 3: Tape the 7 centimeters above the knot to a hard surface. Separate the strings in the order you want them to appear in your pattern.

Step 4: Start with the two strands on the very left. Hold the first string in your left hand and hold the second in your right hand. Slightly pull the string in your right hand and curve the first string over the straight string so that the two strings create a “4” shape.

Step 5: Pull the free end of the first strand through the loop of the “4” shape. Repeat step 5 with the same two strings.

Step 6: Repeat steps 5 strings 1 and 3. String 1 and 3 will change position. Continue until string 1 becomes the string on the very right.

Step 7: Then, string 1 is now second and string 2 is first. Continue steps 5-6 with all the strings.

Step 8: The crafted part should be around 10 centimeters long, depending on the thickness of your wrist. When you are done, grab the free end of all 6 strings and tie the same knot explained in step 2.

Step 9: Tie the two free ends to each other to fit your wrist.

Once you are finished, you can stack them or give them away.

Will you try friendship bracelets this summer?

-Paulette Wilson

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