We’re not sure who the genius—term used loosely—behind Vice‘s latest fashion spread is but we’re going to assume it’s not a woman, or anyone with any type of marketing savvy.

We know half the battle in today’s advertisement is advertising today is people’s attention but the other half is actually getting the person to buy whatever it is you’re pushing and that is the exact opposite reaction we have to Vice magazine’s latest spread, “There will be blood.”  The fashion editorial is clearly an ode to the time of the month mistakes women have more often than they’d care to think about, but how putting this on display is somehow considered high fashion, artistic, appropriate, or even necessary is beyond us.

In seven different pics, women are shown with bloody underwear, leaks, or in this case changing a tampon, and we just don’t get the point. In fact it totally distracts from the clothing that we’re supposed to want because we’re either too busy staring at the stains or trying to find the red X in the corner of our web browser. It’s true from the photos there will be blood, but we also bet there will be backlash. This spread looks more like an ad for Tampax or Always than clothing. Check out more of the photos if you can handle it.

What do you think about this idea?

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