Vogue Italia editor Franca Sozzani made a promise to expose the talent of young African designers to the world and she’s holding up her end of the bargain as a Fashion for Development Goodwill Ambassador with the new “Discovered in Africa” collection in collaboration with yoox.com.

The designs in the collection come from all parts of the continent, like Ghanna where the organization Global Mamas creates clothes for women and children with hand-dyed and printed fabrics and designer Kofi Ansah cuts traditional African fabrics in a contemporary style. In Nigeria, innovators like Tiffany Amber produce small coats in wax-printed fabric, while in Ethiopia silkworms are cultivated, spun, handwoven, and colored with natural vegetable dyes to create gorgeous scarves and shawls. According to Yoox’s Federico Marchetti:

“Our costumers will be very much in love with some of the designers’ creations, because they are fantastic, simply fantastic.”

The designs appear in the May issue of Vogue and are also already available on yoox.com. Check out a few of our favorite picks here.

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