Back in February when Whitney Houston suddenly died, the world got a glimpse into a traditional black, Christian funeral. While some of her fans and other viewers were experiencing it for the firs time, many of us were old vets, able to predict what would happen as the service continued. Now, a new viral vid takes a look at the humorous side of black funerals (yes…there is one), and sadly…I’ve seen some of these things play out in real time.

Gospel music artist and TV host Lexi recently jumped on the “Stuff people say…” bandwagon to produce “Stuff Black Folk Say At Funerals,” which takes a look at some of the foolishness that happens in the pews. From ringing cell phones and constantly talking, to yelling out random things and eating, although exaggerated, “Stuff Black Folks Say At Funerals” hints at the truth.

Check it out and tell us what you think!

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  • LOL! That was too much! Unfortunately, I have been to a funeral that was fool of craziness. People falling out, running out of the church, having to be carried out of the church screaming, ect. I was just shaking my head at that craziness.

  • entro

    That was funny but what’s missing is the family member speaking about the deceased and they are either rambling so much the deacons have to escort them off the podium or the singer that is so bad your trying not to laugh but you know if you make eye contact with that one crazy relative that’s holding it in too, its gonna be all over,so your laughing inside so hard your crying.

  • Humanista

    Man, ish get really real at black funerals…where’s the relative that get’s up and acts a COMPLETE fool? I had one cousin at my family get up and start cussing folks out…smh, I hope that’s not just us! :-)

    • NY’s Finest

      I’m sorry, but that’s too funny!

  • Is it bad that i want Popeyes now?