Don’t tell PETA, but we’ve got a thing for leather. We actually don’t care whether it’s real or not it just needs to be black, shiny, and hot. Black leather used to only be reserved for jackets in the fall and winter boots but there’s no reason not to get your leather on in the spring and summer too with the lightweight options designers have come up with. Whether you want a casual look, something for a cocktail party or a have a formal event to attend, you can never go wrong with leather. Here are some of our favorite picks.

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  • Jaslene

    Fuck PETA. I have hated them ever since they said I couldn’t participate in my tri-county science fair for killing too many goldfish. I like the idea of leather in the summer and spring but feel that might not work everywhere.

  • omfg

    i must’ve missed something. where is the info for the strapless black leather dress that is posted?

  • Tia

    that strapless dress is dee BOMB!!! very sexy and understated.Yeah, I like leather…so wut??

  • binks

    I agree with Tia and omfg, the strapless dress is the truth! I always loved leather especially combined with girly details like lace because it is sooo sexy but feminine and powerful