Back in October of 2008, Gabrielle Smith set a goal for herself: blog about the contributions of black folks in the diaspora for UK’s Black History Month. When the month was up, she decided to keep going and unearthing more treasures across the diaspora for her readers to enjoy.

She explains her reasons for curating The NuBlack:

My aim is to try and post things that are not necessarily ‘out there’, that are original, creative and that will hopefully inspire those after me (and hopefully those before me if they come across the site).

The name thenublack comes from the idea that my generation and those born to parents of the African diaspora have had  a path paved for them by their ascendants.

Since stumbling on her site back in 2010 (and meeting Gabrielle last December), I’ve been a big fan. Smith, a London-based stop motions graphic designer, highlights art, music, culture, literature, and fashion from Millennial black folks around the globe.

I Am the NuBlack is not only dope, but it’s necessary. In a world that increasingly aims to marginalize our contributions to the world and as the media continues to ignore us, sites like Smith’s I Am the NuBlack offer a welcomed rebuttal against the constant barrage of negativity and tired stereotypes.

Have you visited I Am the NuBlack? What are your favorite sites for art and culture of black folks in the diaspora? 

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