It seems like the media’s favorite whipping boy (for lack of a better term) is black women. From stats telling us we’re fat (despite most Americans being fat) and we’ll never get married, to the startling numbers of black women being infected with damn near every disease under the sun at higher rates than our white counterparts, black women get dissed in the media daily.

But thankfully we have created our own spaces that allow us to push back against the media’s constant attacks and continue to offer our perspectives on the world and ourselves.

Recently, the Harlow Project debuted a new video series called In(her)view that gives black women a chance to tell our own stories. In the eight-part series five black women will answer a single question and provide their take on the world.

In the first episode, the women answer the question “Why you love being a black woman,” and their words serve as a reminder to all of us to appreciate who we are.

Check it out and learn more about In(her)View on the Harlow Project website.

What do you love about being a black woman?

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