Prom season is almost wrapping up, and it just wouldn’t be official if we didn’t relive the amazing—or horrendous—fashions we wore to the dance nearly every freshman girl dreams about for four years.

Prom dresses have come a long way from poufy, frilly cotillion-like gowns (Halle Berry) to sleek, and sometimes super sexy, form-fitting dresses—although that thigh-high split Michelle Obama had going back in 1970 was pretty risqué.

2012 dresses are all about cutouts, lace, feathers, ruffles, and bling, and some girls are breaking their parent’s bank on expensive dresses, shoes, and even chin plants (Google it). Back in our day, a strapless dress, tall heels (for the night), and a hair ‘do hook up was about as fancy as it got. My have times changed.

Despite a few years, though, some styles, no matter how old, are timeless while others are just a hot mess So, spill the beans. What did you wear to prom?

Was your prom look tragic or on trend?

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  • I had my prom dress made just like the one Halle Berry wore to the 2003 Oscars except mine wasn’t as sheer because my mom would’ve killed me. Still was a cute dress though and I still have it.

  • Arcy

    Remember the episode of Cosby’s when Cliff and Claire have a prom? My dress looked like Claire’s except it was powder blue. It looked straight out of the late 50’s/60’s. I wore my hair in a flipped out longer bob.