You know how there are some hairstyles you’ve always wanted to try but you either aren’t brave or you can’t get the look overnight? Case in point, Rihanna’s dreads.

Literally, from one day to the next she went from a head of silky weave with the sides of her head shaven to what looked like a head of locks. From her first Instagram pic we didn’t know what was going on for sure, but after seeing her on American Idol, we realized she just rocked a dreaded pony and didn’t go for the complete look.

Still, for most of us there are looks like this that we always wondered what we would like like in but haven’t taken the plunge and gotten that super short cute, or dyed our whole head that wild color, or even cut it all off. Weave gives us some options for some of these styles but when it comes to hair, we know there’s nothing like the real thing.

What hairstyle have you always wanted to try but been too scared to?

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