77807056We’re only human and equally subject to the chronic brainwashing that inevitably instills varying degrees of bigotry. Racism, sexism, homophobia, and a massive list of baseless rationale for hatred and discrimination are commonplace in virtually every culture on Earth; as long as there are folks who choose to allow their narrow-minds to operate on auto-pilot, prejudice “ain’t goin’ nowhere”. Contemporary racism is as insidious as ever, running rampant within the US (and beyond) often in a covert fashion. Regardless, the truth is that bigotry is one of the most perverted detrimental, and contagious disorders known to (wo)mankind, which is precisely why we’d like to review some telltale signs you may experience upon coming into direct contact with the racially disabled:

  • You notice that s/he frequently glares at the only Black person in the room when mentioning a certain “bad” neighborhood or when referring to the “large man” who robbed them last summer.
  • Classic symptoms also include a not so subtle insinuation that you got a job or accepted to college because of your (non-White) identity, rather than your intellectual faculties.
  • Anyone who lobbies to have President Obama impeached behind false citizenship claims are clearly certifiable. Have those folks even heard of the FBI, Homeland Security, or right wing Republicans for that matter??
  • You hear the following statements used as a rationale for blatant sentiments:  “I have plenty of Black friends!” or “My best friend is Black!”
  • The same applies for the closet racists who gush over George Lopez or Beyonce when interacting with Latinos or African Americans, respectively. A of show solidarity, or a thinly veiled attempt to mask a closed-mind?
  • The racially impaired person speaks with “one of their own” about that person’s friend/significant other of different race – as if they’re the ambassador to that particular culture. They typically reach out to these individuals as an attempt to assuage their racist guilt: “Well, if Jimbo here isn’t calling me on my questionable behavior, and he’s got a Black girlfriend, then by golly, I really must not be racist, phew.”
  • Boldly assuming that as a Black person, you’re automatically a card-carrying member of the Tyler Perry and/or Lil Wayne fan club.
  • You note their tense demeanor when being critical of President Obama within earshot of you, as if they’re slandering a close member of your family.
  • Have you ever entered the home or workplace of a ‘sheltered individual’ who attempts to prove his/her cultural savvy by blasting out-dated tunes from some hip hop hits greatest CD to help you feel at home? How about trite, awkward, obnoxious outbursts such as “Fa Shizzle” and “Homeboy”? If so, you were more than likely in the presence of a bigot extraordinaire.
  • A classic sign of a racist in treatment: An uneasy fascination with kinky hair – need we say more…
  • Another symptom includes those who speak of Africa as if it’s a country or large island as well as those who fail to recognize that it is a continent full of millions of economically prosperous professional citizens.
  • You’ll often hear the racially challenged speak of Hitler as if he was only psychotic leader in history to wreak havoc in lives of million. Many US Presidents, for example encouraged the extermination of Native Americans, in addition to the subjugation of Africans in the “new world”.
  • Stage VI of the disorder can be characterized by employing simple a** measures to appear as non-racist as possible. Case in point: A young White preppy decides to don a sizeable Black Panther pin on his hoodie while spending time with his big brother and (Black) friends in Harlem (true story).


Additional Signs & Symptoms:

  • Euro-Americans who feel oppressed due to the small increase in opportunities for non-Whites.
  • African Americans who discriminate against others due to a belief that the prejudice towards Black folks is the only unlawful form of discrimination.
  • An individual (typically non-Black) who is extremely uncomfortable or takes personal when any relevant racial debates arise. Their impairment leaves them incapable of facing reality.
  • Chronic offenders are those who compulsively deny 1) the positive impact historically oppressed cultures have made in society and 2) the disenfranchisement of said groups (i.e.,  individuals who try to downplay the institution of slavery or the existence of the holocaust)

No one is immune to the sickness that is prejudice; sometimes we may even catch ourselves sounding like a fire-breathing bigot. While conducting a study on racism earlier this year, Kerry Kawakami, associate professor of psychology at York University in Toronto, Ontario, stated, “people are willing to tolerate racism and not stand up against it.” Racism & prejudice is a disease of the mind, but it can also be likened to a wildfire that feeds on blind rage. We may not be able to eliminate the sting of discrimination, but observing the sheer stupidity of it may very well lessen the pain.

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