Eyebrows are such a huge, yet notoriously neglected, part of our faces. The shape and definition—or lack thereof—dramatically changes your look and women tend to endure treacherous and pain-inducing processes like tweezing, waxing, and threading to get them just right. The truth though, is that the so-called “perfect brow” is a preference that’s as personal to each individual woman as say the perfect shade of red lipstick and most women either tend to be obsessive with the shape of their brows or totally oblivious to their wild shape.

Yesterday photos popped up of Tyra at the Met with an eye makeup look some are calling avant-garde and others are just calling downright scary due to the extremely dark black shadow she’s wearing and the near total absence of eyebrows. The supermodel mogul was obviously going for a certain look that night but she tends to keep her brows pretty low-key, at most filling them in just slightly with a light-brown powder or pencil.

On the other hand, stars like Ashanti and Rachel Roy like to keep their brows thick, dark, and dramatic, adding dimension to their makeup looks and an intense frame around their eyes. The cool thing about shadows, powders, and pencils is you can make your brows thicker or darker to suit the mood or look you’re going for on a particular day or for a certain event. The main thing is just to make sure you have a shape that fits your face and then you can build from there.

How do you like your brows – thick or thin?

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